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La gare de Sommières devenue aujourd’hui un hôtel 3 étoiles
La gare de Sommières devenue aujourd’hui un hôtel 3 étoiles


A very original and unusual stay in a 3 star hotel inside a renovated train station.

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The hotel Estelou was built in 2002 inside the old railway station of Sommieres. This makes it a magical and unusual place, filled with history. The story of the old station of Sommieres is what we’ll be telling you here...

The history of the old station of Sommieres dates back to the 19th century:

Old station of Sommieres, with the typical architecture of the so-called PLM stations: The station of Sommieres was unveiled on the 11th of March 1872 by the “Paris-Lyon-Marseille” railway company, also called the PLM railway company. Its history therefore goes back to the middle of the 19th century, when the fast development of the railway system led the PLM company to standardise the constructions of the stations in the South of France, so as to save money and allow for faster completion.

Ancienne gare sommières 2

Sommieres, a large railway station:

The old station of Sommieres at the time of steam trains: As far as the Sommieres station goes, because of its role as an interchange station, it is made up of a larger building with 9 doors with a main, 3-door body leading onto the waiting area, flanked by two 3-door wings. In 1910, a lean-to was added to a ground-floor.

Ancienne gare sommières 4

After over a century in service, the train station was disused before being converted into a hotel a few years later:

Building of the old disused station after the last train passed through it: Since the 31st of May 1987, trains no longer pass through Sommieres station. The station was therefore disused as of this date. It stayed closed for over 15 years.

It is only in 2001 that the community of municipalities of Sommieres, which owned the buildings, decided to undertake important renovation as part of a project of transformation into a 3 star hotel.

After 2 years of work, the station of Sommieres was reborn as a charming hotel in the South of France.


Hôtel Estelou - Une façade typique d’une ancienne gare ferroviaire du 19ème siécle

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