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The hotel Estelou is a 3 star hotel that’s close to the best spots for bike tours and cycling holidays in the South of France.

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The Hotel Estelou is ideally located for bike tours and cycling holidays in the south of France :

Cycliste redimensioné

The Hotel Estelou in Sommières (Gard, South of France) is situated alongside a Green Way that has been converted from an old railway line running for more than 14 miles across the countryside and villages of the South of France.

Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes hills, surrounded by vines and typical French scrubland, the Hotel Estelou is the perfect base or overnight stop on your bike tour or cycling holiday in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of the South of France.

Cyclists receive a warm welcome and plenty of useful facilities at the Hotel Estelou. You can wash your bicycle and then park your bicycle outside your room or put it in our bicycle parking facility with CCTV. You can also enjoy our pool and relaxing outdoor areas. The next morning, a hearty breakfast is available to fuel another day on the biking trail.

Many cyclists and bicycle enthusiasts already come to the Hotel Estelou, whether they’re on a bike tour, a cycling vacation or biking in the South of France.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, you can try one of several biking trails that start from the Hotel Estelou. We have chosen a selection of routes that range from easy to more ambitious :

I. Biking Trails for Beginners

The team at the Hotel Estelou have chosen three circular biking trails that leave from and return to the hotel. The three biking trails range in difficulty from the very easy (the ‘Green Way’) to the hardest (‘Castles around Sommières’).

‘The Green Way’ by Road bike or Mountain bike :

La Voie Verte

The Green Wayfollows the former railway line that once connected Sommières to Nîmes for 14 miles. The starting point is just outside the Hotel Estelou, which occupies the former station in the town of Sommières. The Green Way is the ideal connection between Sommières and Caveirac. The territory is relatively flat, so this is a fairly easy biking trail. The most attractive scenery is found between Sommières and Congénies.

We can rent you a bicycle from the Hotel Estelou. If you follow the whole trail from start to finish and then come back, you will have covered just over 28 miles, but you can of course turn back whenever you like.

Pour en savoir plus sur les circuits disponible au départ de l'hôtel : http://vttvaunage.dyndns.org/

‘Around the Vaunage’ — Circular Biking Trail :

Tour de la Vaunage

This biking trail starts outside the Hotel Estelou on the Green Way. Start by taking the Green Way towards Roque d’Aubais, before heading towards Calvisson, Souvignarges, Fontanes and then come back towards Sommières along the Vidourle River. It’s a varied biking trail that’s easy to ride, apart from pebbly, bumpy section after Calvisson. Along the way, you’ll pass vines, typical Mediterranean scrubland and several charming villages.

In total, this biking trail covers 26 miles and ranges from 2, 000 feet below to 1, 800 feet above sea level. It is categorised as ‘easy’ and you should be able to complete it in four and a half hours.

‘Castles around Sommières — Circular Biking Trail :

Les châteaux du Sommiérois

This biking trail starts outside the Hotel Estelou heading towards the centre of Sommières, where you will be able to admire the local architecture, including the medieval castle which towers above the pink-tiled roofs of the Provençal homes. After leaving the town of Sommières, head towards Salinelles and then Pondres, where you will pass a 16th Century castle. The first climb—the white coast—will get the blood pumping in your thighs before you descend towards Fontanès. After carefully crossing the D6110 road, the route continues alongside olive groves, a typical Southern French scene before reaching a more woody area. On the way into Montpezat, you’ll catch a glimpse of the tower of another medieval castle. After the village of St Etienne d’Escattes, the route climbs to towards the village of Sinsans, offering incredible views towards the Cévennes hills or over the sea. After passing through Calvisson, you can pick up               the Green Way which will bring you back to the Hotel Estelou.

This circular trail has been approved by the French Cycling Federation, and covers 24 miles with heights ranging between 2, 000 feet either side of sea level. It is considered ‘moderately difficult’ and you should be able to complete it in three and a half hours.

II. Bike Tours for Experienced Cyclists :

Several specialist companies organise cycling tours and biking vacations that allow you to discover the beautiful scenery of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the whole of the South of France over a few days. Many of them include an overnight stay at the Hotel Estelou in the plans for their bike tours.

‘Languedoc and Camargue’ — 7 day Bike Tour :

Ville de Sommières

The ‘Languedoc and Camargue’ bike tour is designed to give you a chance to discover the landscape and culture of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of the South of France, and is aimed at travellers who want to keep in shape—but who also have a healthy dose of curiosity for the lifestyle in the South of France, including, of course, the food!

The Hotel Estelou is the rest stop on the second day of this bike tour. After riding 25 miles from Montpellier to Sommières, the Hotel Estelou provides an unusual, relaxing atmosphere for cyclists. You can unwind and enjoy a drink in our large garden (5000 m²)or simply take a dip in our outdoor pool. The Hotel Estelou is the perfect spot for a rest stop that’s out of the ordinary.

‘Languedoc Heritage’ and ‘Languedoc Multisport’ — 8-day Bike Tours :

pont julien provence

These two bike tours are offered by a tour company which specialises in cycling holidays and sporting vacations. They’re designed to show you the best of the South of France and offer an unforgettable experience.

Their bike tours have several advantages:

  • you can choose your departure date
  • your bike tour features a small group — usually between 2 and 10 cyclists
  • your route and accommodation are carefully planned by an experienced team
  • special requests can be taken into account so that everybody has a good time
  • luggage transfers are included

The Hotel Estelou is one of the rest stops on two bike tours that cross the Languedoc-Roussillon and the Camargue region in the South of France.

‘Barcelona to Rome’ bike tour — in Hannibal’s footsteps over 28 days :

Col Agnel - Hannibal

For real bicycle fans, the ‘Hannibal Bike Tour’ is a bike tour that follows in the footsteps of the historic life of Hannibal, the  Carthaginian general who famously crossed both the Pyrenees and the Alps with elephants in 218 BC.

This 28-day bike tour crosses Spain, France and Italy, and the Hotel Estelou is one of the rest stops in the South of France.

Parcours Hannibal

You can choose to either do the entire bike tour over 28 days, or in shorter 8-day segments. Crossing the Pyrenees is one of the highlights of this bike tour across the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France.

Vélo équipé pour le cyclotourisme

For more information about cycling holidays for experienced cyclists or for bike tours based at the Hotel Estelou, please contact us by e-mail or by phone on +33(0) We will be happy to advise you directly or put you in touch with partners who specialise in bike tours and cycling holidays.

Discover the hotel Estelou, a very charming and unusual 3 star hotel in the south of France: :

The unusual hotel Estelou has 24 rooms, separated into en 4 different categories. They all have a view of the hotel gardens:

To discover the most beautiful towns of the South of France - Avignon, Arles, Nîmes, Montpellier, Aigues-Mortes, Sommieres, Uzès -, to enjoy the Mediterranean sea and its stunning beaches, to discover the cuisine and provençal art of living, choose the hotel Estelou. Located in Sommieres, in the buildings of an old railway station, it’s an unusual and charming hotel:

  • Hotel Estelou

    Hotel Estelou

    An out-of-the-ordinary 3 star hotel with a very original architecture inside a former train station bulit in 1870 !