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French Motocross Championship

Motocross & Motor Trial

Motorbiking events | Motocross and Motor Trials in the South of France
Motorbiking events | Motocross and Motor Trials in the South of France

During the French Motocross Championship, which takes place in March every year, and the French Motor Trials Championship, which is held every September, the hotel Estelou is the accommodation partner for these events.

As well as an ideal location and relaxing setting, your stay at the hotel Estelou also offers a large enclosed car park which is monitored by CCTV.

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The hotel Estelou is a partner of the French Motocross and Motor Trials Championships in Sommières:

During these two motorbiking events which are organised by the Sommières Moto Club—the French Motocross Championship in March and the French Motor Trials Championship in September—the Hôtel Estelou offers a 10% discount to entrants and spectators in both events!

Chaque année en mars l’hôtel Estelou s’associe au championnat de France de motocross

To decorate the Hôtel Estelou, we took our inspiration from railway lines around the world, mixing contemporary and ethnic influences to create a unique atmosphere that transports you away from the everyday.

The hotel has a large private car park, monitored by CCTV, where you can park a van or trailer with your motorbikes. As well as these facilities, the Hôtel Estelou is above all a unique and charming setting that we have constructed inside the former railway station in Sommières. The hotel has 23 rooms, each of which overlooks either the hotel’s gardens or has a view of the Pic Saint Loup and the Vidourle Valley.

When you stay at the Hôtel Estelou, you can enjoy an unusual but relaxing atmosphere. Although it is located near to the village of Sommières, the hotel is quiet and has a garden which stretches over 5 000 square metres and includes a swimming pool.

Sommières Moto Club:

Sommières Moto Club, which is part of the French Motorbiking Federation, was founded in 1965. Every year it organises one leg of the French Motocross Championship (in March) and the French Motor Trials Championship (in September). Apart from these motorbiking competitions, the Sommières Moto Club organises vintage motorbike rallies, education events and tourist trails.

Affiche 2015 du championnat de France de motocross se déroulant à Sommières. L’hôtel Estelou est partenaire de cette compétition de motos

Sommières Motocross on the Tourille Trail:

L’hôtel Estelou héberge chaque année les participants du championnat de France de motocross

The Sommières Motocross follows an entirely closed trail for 1.7 kiometres (just over a mile), with several humps, dips, slopes and ramps that make for exciting jumps. The Sommières Motocross trail has been approved both by the authorities of the départment of the Gard (decision number 82 - 11438/JS/AB) and the French Motorbiking Federation.

To do well on the trail, riders need the right mix of concentration, technique and aggression. It’s a demanding ride that pushes riders’ arms, backs, head and legs.

The Hôtel Estelou is close to the entrance of Sommières, around 4 km (2.5 miles) from the motocross trail.

The hotel Estelou also works with the French Motor Trial Championship in Sommières:

Every September, the Hôtel Estelou teams up with the French Motor Trial Championship, which takes place in Sommières, offering special rates for riders in this motorbiking competition.

Le trial moto, une épreuve reine au sein des compétions de motos

In a motor trial, riders have to navigate a course strewn with natural or man-made obstacles. Trials can take place either outdoors, or in large indoor arenas. Speed is not a part of this discipline, although riders must complete the course within a fixed time limit.

The Motor Trial event organised by the Sommières Moto Club takes place partly on the Tourille trail, as well as in specially adapted areas off the trail.

A huge amount of work goes into creating this course every year, with earth, logs and rocks moved into place. Put together, the course covers about 15 km (10 miles). Riders take it in turn to work their way through the various obstacles—which can include rocks, tree trunks or roots—touching the ground as little as possible.

Discover the hotel Estelou, a very charming and unusual 3 star hotel in the south of France: :

The unusual hotel Estelou has 24 rooms, separated into en 4 different categories. They all have a view of the hotel gardens:

To discover the most beautiful towns of the South of France - Avignon, Arles, Nîmes, Montpellier, Aigues-Mortes, Sommieres, Uzès -, to enjoy the Mediterranean sea and its stunning beaches, to discover the cuisine and provençal art of living, choose the hotel Estelou. Located in Sommieres, in the buildings of an old railway station, it’s an unusual and charming hotel:

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    Hotel Estelou

    An out-of-the-ordinary 3 star hotel with a very original architecture inside a former train station bulit in 1870 !