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Montpellier & Nîmes


If you’re travelling for work around Montepellier, Nîmes, or in the south of the Hérault and the Gard, look no further than an overnight stay at the hôtel Estelou.

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With an overnight stay at a great price offers you the chance to stay in the unique setting of a former railway station—which has been transformed into a very unusual 3 star hotel...

Whatever the reason for your business trip, and whether you just have one meeting or are travelling across the region, an overnight stay at the hôtel Estelou could be just for you for one or more nights.

Soirée étape à proximité de Montpellier et sud de la France

After a long day at work, an overnight stay at the hôtel Estelou is the perfect chance to wind down and relax in a unique, calming atmosphere that is just 20 minutes from both Nîmes and Montpellier. 

The hotel is located halfway between Montpellier and Nîmes, and just 10 minutes’ drive from the motorway exit at Gallarges-le-Montueux.

If you have to travel across the south of the Gard or Hérault départements for work, then choose the hôtel Estelou for an overnight stay. You’ll have a unique chance to spend the night in a former railway station, which has been transformed into an unusual 3 star hotel.

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Overnight Stay: FAQ

Who is the overnight stay rate for?

It is only available to people travelling for work, whether they are travelling sales people, working in construction or services or even musicians and actors.

Is your hotel a good choice if I need to spend a night near Montpellier?

If you need to make an overnight stay near Montpellier, or anywhere close the A9 motorway for that matter, the hôtel Estelou is the perfect spot for a relaxing evening before you start work again the next day. The hotel is just 10 minutes’ drive from the motorway and then 20 minutes from Montpellier. Nevertheless, it is a unique location: a former railway station. You can relax in our environment and enjoy all the amenities the hotel has to offer.

Is the overnight stay rate available all week?

The overnight stay rate is available from Sunday evening to Friday evening. We can only offer the overnight stay rate on Saturdays to people who can prove that they are travelling on business.

Is the overnight stay rate available all year round?

Unfortunately not. The overnight stay rate is not available in high season. However, if you need to reserve an overnight stay during high season, please do check with us. Depending on our availability, we can try and provide you with a room at that rate.

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What is included in the overnight stay rate?

The rate includes one night for one person in a double room overlooking the garden, a breakfast buffet and dinner in a delightful restaurant in Sommières old town. All of the restaurants we have chosen are within 5 minutes of the hotel-a perfect excuse for an early-evening stroll through this medieval centre. 

Is there an overnight stay rate without dinner?

Yes. If you wouldn’t like dinner, we offer the “overnight + breakfast”.  This includes a double bedroom and access to our well-stocked breakfast buffet.